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Living in Bangalore helps you to relish foods from different South India states. You can taste major dishes from Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
For me, getting foods from different states sounds like a really good experience. So, when my office Mathew told me that there is good Kerala food mess nearby, I did not miss the chance the chance to go there and experience some good food. On my first day visit at ‘Elite Mess – Kerala Style’, I ordered veg. thali. I was really impressed by the food quality there. And today, I went there and ordered half-plate chicken Biryani. This was the first time I ate Malayalee Biryani and I more or less liked it. 

Kerala Biryani reviewed by Biswajit Ganguly

Kerala Biryani picture copyright by wowcontents.wordpress.com
How was the taste of Malayalee Biryani?

It is difficult to express in words. But it is like cooking Pulao without sweets and with slight Biryani masala. The Biryani contained one boiled egg, one chicken piece with bone. And it was served with curd, one Paayes like dish (sweet) and one papad! I never thought before that Biryani can be served with papad! So the Malayalee Biryani at Elite Mess indeed surprised me.
Icecream with mixed fruit by Biswajit Ganguly
After eating Malayalee Chicken Biryani, I was not feeling too well. I thought that eating light at night will be a good option. So, at night I bought Butter Scotch icecream bar, mixed the icecream with chopped fruits and ate. That is how I ended the Saturday night dinner.


Starting Sunday with a good breakfast is nice way to enjoy weekend. I try to do it after waking up very late from the bed. This Sunday, I went Raghavendra Food Centre and had a mix of North Indian and South Indian foods. I first ordered a plate of Puries (5 Puries in each plate) which is a general North Indian food. 

Next, I thought why not give a try to Masala Dosa? The Masala Dosa’s size was really grand and the taste was delicious. If you eat two Masala Dosas, you won’t be able to eat lunch! Your stomach will be full. 

Price: Each dish costed Rs. 25/-

Phuchka or Panipuri is really tempting. Remember the scene of the movie Dangal? But not only girls, boys and kids also love it as well. So, when I saw a street food shop was offering it, I could not resist myself. At Rs. 20/- only, 7-8 panipuris were a good buy. Additionally, the serving person added churmur, sweet chutney or pickle and curd. That tasted awesome. For those who can’t taste this Bengaluru panipuris, at least see the picture of it!

“What can I have for Lunch?” I was thinking about it. I wanted something special for my Sunday lunch. Then an idea came in my mind. I have never ordered Pizza online. This is the time to do it. So, I was typing in Google about ordering pizza online in Bangalore. Immediately the ads from Pizza Hut and Dominos showed up as sponsored ad (also in organic search results). 
I chose Dominos. The site opened. I had to select city, location and sub-location. Next from the menu I had to choose any pizza item. I was confused about what to choose. There were so many veg. And non-veg. Pizzas available. 

Finally after much thought, I picked up Veggie Paradise and Chicken Fiesta both of regular sizes. 

Veggie Paradise has ingredients such as Babycorn, Black Olives, Crisp Capsicum & Red Paprika. The crust I chose was Classic Hand Tossed. 

The non-veg. pizza had main ingredients such as Chunky Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Onion & Capsicum. The same crust was chosen for this pizza.

Then the ordering part came. I saw the grand total, applied the discount and got Rs. 130/- off! 

Within 30 minutes of ordering the delivery boy was standing in front of my PG and calling me. Such a nice & fast delivery! I thanked Dominos pizza.

Taste: I did not get the feeling of eating chicken while eating the non-veg. pizza. But the Veggie Paradise did not disappoint me at all. It was worth its price.

If you want to try Dominos pizza, you can check the website of Dominos India.