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Sample 1: About : Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a vast sea with lots of newly generating waves on it. As per the latest web seminar on web 2.0, this sea’s area is still unfathomable.

Web 2.0 has given us revolutionary development features like Social networking communities, video sharing, blogging, live comment on web, wiki’s and lots more! Thanks to dynamic page concept that has arrived with the advent of web 2.0.

The second generation of web comes with cool effects of graphics. Innovative graphic tools like static and animated banners, logos, ebox covers, ebook covers, ezine covers, membership and guarantee logos carry gradient and lighting shades in web 2.0 standards. Rounded cornered buttons also reflect the very idea of web 2.0 design. Web 2.0 focuses more on the color analysis and verifies if the color is matching with the site and product theme or not. Personal blog theme is much different from professional themes. Different templates are designed keeping this in mind.

Web on Mobile is getting explored in the era of web 2.0. Mobile blogging is very common today. Mobile software innovation is on the rise. Software development companies are targeting the web based mobile applications.

If that’s all we are having in web 2.0, then what’s awaiting for all of us in the next edition of web 2.0?  We have to imagine it first before actually giving a warm welcome to web 3.0!

Sample 2: All about website reviews

The job of a critic has never been easy. If you are an author or reviewer, you may know this fact better than me. While reviewing a website, you should follow specific guidelines, must be neutral and have to play the role of an analyzer.

What are the specific guidelines for writing reviews?

Understand the type or theme of the site: Different sites are based on different themes and industries. Depending on that the review process can be changed. The approach for site review of a children’s site is different from that of corporate site.

Purpose: Every site is built with a specific purpose. The reviewer has to understand what are the main functions of a website and has to report these properly. He should notice why the site was built and how the users of that site are getting benefited by that site. Based on that, he should prepare his report.

Comparative analysis: The reviewer should know what features the site’s online competitors have and based on that he should check whether the website possesses such features or not? What advantage the site lacks that site’s competitors have. He has to include all those points in his review.

Previous review(s): The reviewer should search the web about previous reviews on a website and know what other critics have said about that site.

Why Website review is done?
People write description of websites for certain purposes:

Backlink generation: Many people can read web articles on site and feel interested to visit that site. So, website reviews can act as backlinks generation technique.

Awareness or Online Promotion: For web promotion of one’s site, site review is quite helpful. By website reviews, your web pages information can be spread through many sites.

Income: Many people earn for writing attractive site reviews. This is because website review is considered as a form of online textual ad.

So, if you are a budding writer or if you want your site to get publicity through small content, go for website reviews. Don’t think for it, just write! Your tiny yet effective review may be finished even before you complete thinking about the parent site!

Sample 3: Why Direct Response Graphics is a must for minisite design?

Direct response graphics are essential tool for web design as they stimulate users to respond directly after viewing such ads. The direct response may be in the form of clicking on a order button, submitting personal data, signing up for a newsletter etc.

What are minisites?

Minisites are one page website for selling a product or service online. Small businessmen and entrepreneurs are using minisites frequently to promote their products.

What are the types of minisite graphics?

Minisite graphics can be in the form of newsletter box, banner, logo, online membership cards, graphic buttons, CD/DVD cover, ezine cover, ebook cover, ebox cover etc.

If you are selling software, you can add an ebox cover to make an impression to your buyers. If you are an author of an ebook, you can add an ebook cover to sell your book to your potential readers.

People decide to buy a product when they visualize it. A direct response graphic does the exact thing for you. A minisite narrates a sales story in an efficient manner and all direct response graphics help the text content to form a successful selling approach.

If you are planning to start your online business with minimum business investment and with a one page missile website, then an army of direct response graphics is waiting for you to start their online battle for your business.

Remember:  Samples are after all ‘samples’. They only reflect fraction of my writing skill. Hire me to unleash full potential of mine.


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