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I am not going to say hello to earth people. But I would like to say hello to my fellow Netizens. My experience of content writing is simply wow! It’s web where I write and it’s web people for whom I write. That’s my honest declaration as a web content author.

My reason for forming WoWContents.Wordpress.Com ( WWCWC ) is not about entertaining gossip or broad view sharing with art writing bloggers but to have a platform to show my abilities as a content writer er. Web content writer.

Content writing Portfolio: My portfolio data is not updated yet. I have worked as a content writer for development of two concerns namely, Pixelnav and Graphics Bird. As soon as these sites will be fully operational, I’ll give you details about what kinds of work I’ve done for those websites.

I am also skilled to write:

Sales and marketing articles

Corporate blogs and business writing


HTML tutorials etc.

If you are looking for a freelance content writer who can conceptualize and idealize your business or personal theme in the way as you see it, then hire me. I don’t take any content writing just on anybody’s request unless and until the subjects make me interested. I have a habit (you decide whether it’s good or bad) to do lots of research before writing on the topic. I just try to understand the subjects as a professional writer.

My process:

I like to get as much transparent information as possible about my job. If you have anything in mind, please tell me that. If you are following prototype of any other site links, just mention that.

I usually take 1-2 weeks for completion of my job. However it depends on how much work load you are giving me.

My payment method:

I accept only payment through my paypal account. I also prefer step by step payment.

However, if you are from Kolkata, I can deal with you in cash or cheques.

Like, if you have 30 pages of content developing job, then you have to pay me in two or three installments.

So, if you have a caption, ’Wanted freelance copywriters’, I have a complementary ad: ‘Freelance content writing service provided’ by Brian, a web content author.