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Book written on Book Fair

Book fairs are one of the well organized cultural events that people across the globe love to visit and enjoy. Not only book lovers, but great artists, journalists, publishers, critiques, photographers show their ardent love and interest for this fair.

The happening of these book fairs is very common. Each of them is held  at one particular city like place on a particular time of the year. All the cultural people meet together, several cultural mini-events take place at one time. Some new books are published, authors participate in some live interviews and debates. When one book fair ends, some anonymous bloggers and few well known reporters prepare reports on that. Bloggers tell their experiences about the book fair on their blog and journalists try to do their news coverage on the book fair. You and me newspapers. We surf internet to read blogs on book fair. Then we forget eveything!

Is this the way to document mega events like book fairs? It is problematic to gather information for book fairs like London Book Fair, Cairo Book Fair, Kolkata International Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, Miami Book fair from various blogs, reports, unless they don’t come together in the form of a book.

I have taken my personal initiative to collect my personal experiences from this year’s Kolkata International book fair. I have also included some generic topics that touch the heart of every book lover. And I have combined my personal writings and reference docs in the form of a book. Yes, you got it right. A book written on book fair! The book is titled as “Kolkata Book Fair : Cultural Unity in Diversity of Life”

Since, my objective is to spread the humankind’s love for the book world, I have made the digital edition for this book free to download. For your convenience, here is the download link:


You are free to mention about this book in your blog, essays, reviews. You can also forward this book download link to your friends. You are welcome to criticize my book. But don’t criticize for the sake of criticism. Criticize only for the sake of my improvement in writing such that I can write better books for you. Hope my book will be enjoyable by you and it would match the euphoria that you personally experience at book fair.