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Most people come to Bangalore searching for jobs. But I have come to Bangalore not only to get a new job opportunity but also to adapt a new culture, eat lots of local foods and travelling nearby places. So far, the journey has been so good that i really have nothing to complain (except living with some bad boys in a male PG). What I find fascinating is its budget-friendly eating lifestyle at local hotels and restaurants.


My ‘gastronomical adventure’ in Bangalore began before I got my first job. At MRA Hostel, they give Puri on every morning. Each Puri is really crispy and you can’t stop before eating at least four.


As I came to Bangalore during summer, I felt thirsty on a regular basis. Bangalore ‘s local shops at Rupena Agrahara offer a variety of fruit juices. Lemon juice is the cheapest among them (₹ 10/-). However, I preferred one particular item. That is Icecream with Fruit Salad, priced only ₹ 30/-. 


Narula food centre has diverse kinds of veg. and non veg. items. All of you (vegans, vegetarians, eggetarians and chicken-lovers) will enjoy eating there lunch and dinner. I started eating there by ordering Veg. Thali (price: ₹ 45/- only) but soon shifted to Chicken Thali (price: ₹ 80/-). Occassionally I ate Aloo Paratha (price: ₹ 20/- only) and omlette made of double eggs (price: ₹ 20/- only).

The Chicken Thali contains two chicken pieces and those are mostly boneless. Following is a picture of Chicken Thali. 

Another dish I liked there was Garlic Chicken (price: ₹ 80/-). Its taste is heavenly. And I also liked the similar dish with egg called Garlic Egg (price: ₹ 80/-). Following are images of Garlic Chicken (with Roti / Chapati) and Garlic Egg. If you can’t eat them, at least view them!


There is a restaurant specialising Chinese food items at my locality. Its Gobi Manchurian, Egg-Gobi Noodles are just awesome. But one should not miss Chicken Kebabs (red hot fried chicken). Before giving their pictures, I share the prices with you: 

Gobi Manchurian: (price: ₹ 40/- only)

Egg-Gobi Noodles: (price: ₹ 60/- only ; comes with double eggs)

Chicken Kebabs: (price: ₹ 35/- only for 100 grams)

Apart from MRA hostel, Narula food centre or Chinese food shop, there are other eating points like Mayura, Panjabi Dhaba etc. where you can certainly get good foods at cheap rates.


During office days I can’t eat much. But on weekends, I love to experiment with new food items. In this blog, I’ll share some more pictures of food items which are not so much costly. 

Also, I must say that I don’t like eating in groups. All these dishes I have tried alone and indeed enjoyed! Rather than Eating out in big restaurants, I prefer Eating in budget-friendly local hotels. And rather than taking selfies of eating with friends, I prefer to take pictures of food item.

If you like this post, tell me what other cheap dishes I can eat in Bangalore, at which places those available and how much is the price. Keep posting your feedback as comments. Check back this site after few months as I may publish here one more post on cheap foods in Bangalore.

Let’s explore a great foodie hidden in each one of us…


Disclaimer: Price rates are not fixed and can change any time after 30th September, 2016


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