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As a Biryani lover, I was not very happy when I tasted Dum Biryani in Bangalore. Actually, the quality of rice they use in Bangalore, was not like something I ate in Kolkata. The biryani rice here is short in length. But thankfully there are some food restaurants and retail shops that give the opportunity to taste other types of Biryanis as well. Last week I went to Ammi’s Biryani retail shop. They offer Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. You can order for Executive (with less rice) or as full plate. 

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani at Ammi's eaten by Biswajit

When the waiter served the Biryani, I noticed that there were some white steamed rice above the colourful Biryani rice. I asked waiter the reason. He smiled and said, “In case the spices and amount of salt seems to you too much, mix Biryani rice with this white rice and that will adjust the taste.”

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani tasted by Biswajit Ganguly

I found his answer to be true while eating the Biryani. And I must say, for the first time I tasted a really good biryani in Bangalore.


Those people, who think that everything in Bangalore is costly, this post is for them. I am a Kolkatan and everybody knows that Kolkatans are great foodies. This summer, I planned that I shall buy & taste different kinds of Mangoes.
So, I went to the local shopping mall (named Total mall / More ). The mall has a fruit and vegetable buying section and they keep different varieties of Mangoes in different sections with foods and price tags mentioned on them.
I was shocked to see Alphonso mangoes @ ₹79 per kg! Those might be duplicate Alphonsos, I thought. Anyway, I bought. Back in home, when I started eating them, I was amazed by the flavour and taste of those mangoes. Following are the pictures of those Mangoes:


Image copyright: Biswajit Ganguly

Two weeks later, I went to that shopping mall. This time I had plan to taste a different types of variety. So, I bought Mango Kudus. Those mangoes’ skins were a beautiful combination of red and yellow colours. And taste was really yummy. Here is an image of those mangoes:


Image copyright: Biswajit Ganguly

Finally, I heard that Mango Badam Banganpally are one of the good varieties. So, today, while returning early from office, I bought some. I am yet to taste them. And here is the snapshot of those mangoes for you:


I also tasted Neelam mangoes but those are low of low quality. I have heard Malgoa mangoes are very sweet but I did not get any chance to taste them this season. May be next year I’ll start with Malgoa or Raspuri only!

My ‘mango adventure’ ends here.

P.S.: All the mangoes are below ₹80/kg. So, money won’t be a factor if you want to taste different types of Mangoes.

Sometimes, the world celebrates all around me. But I refuse to be part of that world that celebrates due to victory in the game of Cricket, due to political victory or due to some successful army campaigns. But on every 25th December, for a special cause, I become part of the earthly celebration. Just like every other Santa Clause lover I also like to celebrate Christmas.


Sometimes, the smell of cakes and pastries beat the artistic fragrance of roses. Christmas is that special time of the year.


I can still remember how the old, worn-out socks in the house seemed to be very precious. That was when I was a kid. Someone named Santa gave me chocolates and he would only meet my mother but not me. Pure hallucination, I later understood. Now that I have turned 31, that hallucination has turned into nostalgia.


As you know, I am born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal. Any cultural Kolkatan loves to celebrate mainly 5 festivals of the year:

  • Festival of Goddess Durga (happens at a time between September-November)
  • Festival of Diwali (it is the festival of light and blasting sound of crackers)
  • Christmas +New Year (25th December + 1st January)
  • Bengali New Year (happens at a time of April)
  • Festival of Books / Kolkata International Book Fair (Last week of January to first week of February)


Among all these festivals, Bengali New year, Christmas and Book Fair are my favourite ones. So, this year, I went to Park Street to celebrate Christmas with a great zeal. Watch below to get what I found there.






Hi there! Hope you blogger and blog reader are doing great. With time everybody & everything change and so do I. I am planned to restructure my site with a new look and new viewpoint. I shall come up with new thoughts and different posts.
Till then, Goodbye.