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​Chicken fast foods at Chicken Express and more at Rupena Agrahara

Posted on: October 24, 2016

A post on Chicken and Fish dishes within your budget

If you are a non-vegetarian and living in Bangalore (near Madiwala, Silk Board, BTM Layout or Bomanhalli) then this post is exclusively for you. At my place, Rupena Agrahara, there is a new shop named Chicken Express. It is a paradise for chicken lovers and I have never found such a nice Eating shop even in Kolkata that specialises in chicken related fast foods. 

My favourite dishes at Chicken Express are Chicken Hot ‘n’ Crunchy ( priced: ₹50/- ), Piri-Piri Crunch ( priced: ₹60/- ), Hot Wings ( priced: ₹60/- ), Chicken Pop-Corn ( priced: ₹60/- ), Chicken Burger ( priced: ₹60/- ), Chicken Kebabs, etc. They also serve Chieken Biryani which I am yet to taste. Also, the veg-fast-foods are also available at Chicken Express.

The shop is a brainchild of Mr. Sundor, a young entrepreneur, who wants to serve great foods at unbelievably cheap prices. It is Sundor’s nice behaviour towards customers and good quality food that are dragging customers towards the shop. 

Here are the pictures of some items that I have tasted so far.

Chicken Hot 'n' Crunchy, Piri-piri Crunch and Veg Burger and soft drink

Chicken Hot ‘n’ Crunchy, Piri-piri Crunch and Veg. Burger with soft drink

Chicken Hot 'n' Crunchy

Hot ‘n’ Crunchy

Veg Burger with extra Cheese

Veg Burger with extra Cheese

Chicken Piri-piri Crunch

Piri-piri Crunch

Chicken Pop-Corn

Chicken Pop-Corn

French Fries with Chicken

French Fries with Chicken

Menu @ Chicken Express

Menu @ Chicken Express

Fresh Hot 'n' Crunchy meatballs

Fresh Hot ‘n’ Crunchy meatballs

If you are fond of fish eating, the Rupena Agrahara has few shops that keep fish items in menu. But they serve fish items only on Sunday. Following is a Rice with Fish Curry (priced at ₹80) I ordered at a local restaurant near Big Bazaar shopping mall.

Fish Curry

Fish Curry

Rice with fish Curry

Rice with Fish Curry

Hope you will enjoy the foods that I have described today.


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