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Different Mangoes bought in Bangalore

Posted on: June 24, 2016

Those people, who think that everything in Bangalore is costly, this post is for them. I am a Kolkatan and everybody knows that Kolkatans are great foodies. This summer, I planned that I shall buy & taste different kinds of Mangoes.
So, I went to the local shopping mall (named Total mall / More ). The mall has a fruit and vegetable buying section and they keep different varieties of Mangoes in different sections with foods and price tags mentioned on them.
I was shocked to see Alphonso mangoes @ ₹79 per kg! Those might be duplicate Alphonsos, I thought. Anyway, I bought. Back in home, when I started eating them, I was amazed by the flavour and taste of those mangoes. Following are the pictures of those Mangoes:


Image copyright: Biswajit Ganguly

Two weeks later, I went to that shopping mall. This time I had plan to taste a different types of variety. So, I bought Mango Kudus. Those mangoes’ skins were a beautiful combination of red and yellow colours. And taste was really yummy. Here is an image of those mangoes:


Image copyright: Biswajit Ganguly

Finally, I heard that Mango Badam Banganpally are one of the good varieties. So, today, while returning early from office, I bought some. I am yet to taste them. And here is the snapshot of those mangoes for you:


I also tasted Neelam mangoes but those are low of low quality. I have heard Malgoa mangoes are very sweet but I did not get any chance to taste them this season. May be next year I’ll start with Malgoa or Raspuri only!

My ‘mango adventure’ ends here.

P.S.: All the mangoes are below ₹80/kg. So, money won’t be a factor if you want to taste different types of Mangoes.


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